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Not exclusively is this present summer’s Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men figures arrangement groundbreaking for being the principal arrangement of X-Men figures in two years, but on the other hand it’s the most female-stacked Marvel Legends arrangement ever, with three female characters present in the lineup! I surveyed the specific pleasant Phoenix figure a week ago, and today I’m investigating what I trusted would be the complete form of one of my most loved X-Women: Marvel Legends Rogue!

The Right:

Taking into account that Rogue is undeniably one of the three most popular X-Women ever (alongside Storm and Jean Gray), you may surmise that we’d have had huge amounts of Rogue 6″ figures throughout the years. Shockingly, however, we have not. Furthermore, the last time we got a 6″ Southern Belle in her most celebrated Jim Lee ensemble, it was over 10 years back in a Toybiz Marvel Legends box set! Yowser!

Thus Hasbro guaranteed our hearts– and our dollars– with this X-Men Marvel Legends Rogue figure. However, is she worth the $40+ she’s yielding on the reseller’s exchange at this moment… ?

For one thing, let me recognize Hasbro on the realness of this figure: they have totally nailed the Jim Lee Rogue outfit with this activity figure.

This is Rogue’s most renowned look, and Hasbro has caught it perfectly– from the sideways belt to the dark colored plane coat to the raised kneepads of her boots and headband, each component you’d hope to discover on a toy equipped in the Rogue Jim Lee outfit is available.

Furthermore, it’s not simply the ensemble that has been caught impeccably here– Rogue’s delicate face and streaming dark colored and white hair are additionally lovely. This figure is essentially beautiful– there’s no chance to get around it.

The paint deco decisions Hasbro made on the Rogue Marvel Legends figure are additionally out and out marvelous. The lustrous yellow paint and glossy metallic green of Rogue’s outfit look astounding and are amazingly eye-getting. These are effortlessly the best paints ever on a Rogue toy.

Naturally, Rogue has two shut clench hands as her hands. Furthermore, in this occasion, is absolutely fine– Rogue is bashin’ brawler compose character, and having clench hands as opposed to hooking hands bodes well.

However, wait– notwithstanding her Juggernaut Build-A-Figure piece, Rogue has one more hand alternative as an extra! Surprisingly on a Rogue figure, a compatible ungloved hand has been incorporated!

Maverick’s ungloved hand is similarly as verbalized as her clench hands, and takes into consideration some extremely fun options in contrast to her standard postures. It is anything but a tremendous additional, yet it’s still a million times superior to the nothing embellishments that the Phoenix figure got.

The Wrong:

By and by, dependent on my spouting acclaim in the opening sections, you may surmise that this Marvel Legends Rogue 6″ figure is flawless. Be that as it may, too bad, it isn’t.

Most importantly, the explanation on this figure is good– however it’s not extraordinary. Like all Marvel Legends females, Rogue is inadequate with regards to twofold jointed elbows (an imperative joint for a lady who punches a considerable measure).

What’s more, Rogue’s head and hips both have confined explanation that shields her from getting into a portion of the cool dynamic, activity represents that I’d seek after. You can see the degree of her hip scope of-movement in the photograph above.

What’s more, I’m not as excited with the quality control on this X-Men Legends Rogue figure as I’d would have liked to be– on a few fronts.

This is the main figure in the Juggernaut Build-A-Figure Series to have messy paint applications with paint lines absent or sprinkled where shouldn’t be, from little dashes of green on yellow to missing paint on green zones. This might be far reaching, yet it’s the main Rogue I must survey.

Additionally, the yellow plastic utilized for Rogue’s legs is to a great degree rubbery and feels rather shabby, which additionally entangles issues with her restricted leg explanation and inspiring her to stand up steadily in everything except straightforward postures.

At long last (truly, there’s additional), while I can nearly give the floppy belt a chance to slide for this situation (as Rogue’s belt should be tight), the floppy “kneepads” that are the extra pieces including Rogue’s “upper boots” are much too free and jumpy for me. Between the kneepads and the belt, Rogue puts my OCD into overdrive.

By and large: Rogue is one of my most loved X-Men and this is the best figure ever of her in her most famous ensemble. All things being equal, this figure isn’t immaculate. The enunciation is good– however not incredible, the quality control on the plastic and paint applications could be better, and she has floppy belt (and kneepad!) disorder making me crazy.

All things considered, the X-Men Legends Rogue figure has a lovely shape, a fun compatible ungloved hand and an extraordinary look in general. This is the best Rogue activity figure ever released– by a landslide– and it acquires a solid proposal. Simply don’t expect flawlessness.

Review: B+

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