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When I contacted perusers and solicited which from the new X-Men Legends figures I should survey first, I expected a clamor of Deadpool requests– and typically, there were. Be that as it may, incredibly, a relatively equivalent number of perusers got some information about the new Marvel Legends Phoenix assume that is as yet accessible for request on the web! We’ve had a few 6? Jean Gray figures before– is it worth including this most recent rendition of the best clairvoyant freak ever in the Marvel Universe to your accumulations? Read on…

The Right:

Toybiz Marvel Legends Series 6 is well known for being the main really troublesome influx of figures to find and finish at retail in the ML toy line, and this Marvel Legends X-Men Series appears to be a profound successor to that amazing wave.

All things considered, it is highly unlikely that this wave would feel finish without another variant of one of the main Marvel Legends female figures ever: Jean Gray as the Phoenix! At the time it was discharged, I thought the Toybiz Phoenix figure was very wonderful. All things being equal, taking a gander at her now by present day principles, the old Toybiz Jean Gray is extremely, well… terrifying!

Gratefully, Hasbro has ventured up to the bat and now given us a genuinely beguiling Marvel Legends X-Men Phoenix figure to supplant the old one in our accumulations!

Infrequently will I begin a survey by raving about the perfect paintwork on an activity figure, however this Phoenix Jean Gray figure is a special case. Basically, the hues and paint deco on this figure are stupendous.

There’s no paint wash whatsoever on this Marvel Legends Phoenix six-inch figure– however for once, I really don’t need there to be. That is right– the Phoenix is a close all-powerful inestimable power, and I’m An OK with the hues on this figure looking splendid and unblemished, instead of shaded and “messy”.

The blend of grass green, gleaming gold and unadulterated yellow on Phoenix’s ensemble look astounding together, and are wonderfully supplemented by Jean Gray’s red hair (which really has some shading on it to include profundity).

Exclusively from a visual tasteful point of view, this is effortlessly my most loved figure of the whole X-Men Juggernaut Series.

Indeed, even the face on this Jean Gray is a colossal improvement– not at all like the crazed wench that the Toybiz emphasis resembles, this 6? Phoenix figure is reasonable, wonderful, and has everything under control.

And keeping in mind that her enunciation has a couple of hiccups, the general verbalization plot here is great, including a ball-pivot head, ball-pivot shoulders and elbows, ball-jointed hips, twofold jointed knees, swivel thighs, an upper middle abdominal muscle crunch, and pivoted feet with lower leg rockers.

The Wrong:

With how I spent the primary numerous sections spouting about this toy, you may surmise that that the new Hasbro Phoenix is close immaculate. Unfortunately, that isn’t the situation.

For one thing, how about we address the incredibly missing obvious issue at hand: the way that this $20-$22 activity figure accompanies an amazing aggregate of zero adornments other than her Juggernaut Build-A-Figure piece (the upper middle).

While the Toybiz Phoenix accompanied a super-cool enormous Phoenix Force show piece to put with their figure, Hasbro’s form gets bupkis. No Phoenix Force, no compatible translucent clairvoyant hands, no reused “fire” impacts pieces… nothing.

Without any extras by any means, there’s next to no you can do with Jean to represent her for no particular reason ways. She can essentially simply stick her arms out or put her hand to her head. It’s truly not too moving.

Facilitating the issue is the way that Jean’s head makes the figure to a great degree top-substantial, and the “high-heel boots” put the nail in the box. I’m truly incredible at getting my Marvel Legends figures to stand up in practically any posture I need, yet this Marvel Legends Phoenix figure is as of now falling over always in anything besides the most fundamental stances.

At last, the most despicable aspect of presence comes back with this wave: free bands and belts. Adornments like this that are much too free and tumble around like nuts drive my OCD off the scales, and Phoenix’s band is a prime guilty party. I’m super-disappointed attempting to motivate it to remain still and look ideal, as it just won’t participate. Chafing.

By and large: To me, this figure is the plain meaning of “blended pack”. The Phoenix Marvel Legends 2016 figure highlights extraordinary paint and chiseling and a genuinely noteworthy explanation conspire. All things considered, her absence of any obvious extras whatsoever, ludicrously floppy belt, and unsteady capacity to stand up certainly frustrate this current figure’s fun factor. This is in all likelihood the most attractive Jean Gray activity figure ever, yet she’s truly very little amusing to posture or play with by any means.

Review: B-

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