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  • Posted on: November 3, 2018
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I’m focused on finishing my survey of the whole Captain America Marvel Legends Red Onslaught arrangement before I leave for Toy Fair International 2016 of every two days, and I have two figures to discuss in that time. One is a relatively 100% new apparatus that approached thoroughly overwhelming me and is super hot on the reseller’s exchange, and the other… isn’t. Today I’ll be checking on the last mentioned: Marvel Legends Whirlwind is currently available– would it be a good idea for you to arrange one?

The Right:

Say what you will in regards to the 1990’s Iron Man enlivened arrangement, yet in addition to the fact that it gave us a rockin’ signature tune that is murmured by millions (well, perhaps thousands) right up ’til the present time, yet it additionally refined four different accomplishments: it made me begin to look all starry eyed at the characters of MODOK, Blizzard, Whirlwind and Century.

Presently, I some way or another uncertainty that Century will get the Legends treatment from Hasbro whenever before never, yet after over a time of expectation from his armies of fans, the 6″ Marvel Legends Whirlwind activity figure has arrived!

Presently, Whirlwind’s ensemble may not be the most convincing structure that you’ve at any point seen, yet what it is “legitimate”: Hasbro has completed an astonishing activity of breathing life into Whirlwind’s look with his initial six inch figure ever.

While Hasbro could have cheaped out and utilized exhausting paint/plastic on this figure, they selected to give Whirlwind the decent plastic with twirls in the green and dim. It’s hard to see in photographs, yet this plastic decision truly has a ton of profundity to it very close and looks extraordinary.

Quality-wise, the 6″ Whirlwind Legends figure is a triumph. There’s not one spot where the paint applications go off to some far away place, and the joints on Whirlwind are decent and tight in the majority of his numerous purposes of explanation.

On the verbalization front, Captain America Legends Whirlwind joins a developing number of 6″ figures in this line with each possible purpose of enunciation. Lower leg rockers, twofold jointed knees and elbows, ball-jointed head/hips/shoulders, swivel midsection/biceps/thighs/calves, upper middle abdominal muscle crunch… each point you could need is available and represented.

There’s not much in the method for adornments, but rather two turning saw cutting edges are incorporated, connected to Whirlwind’s wrists. I thought these may be stuck on, yet for reasons unknown, while they’re firmly associated, you can pop them off with some weight in the event that you truly need.

Another detail on this assume I simply love is the manner by which all around painted Whirlwind’s eyes as are within his cap. They’re extremely very puncturing through the openings in the head protector!

The Wrong:

Taking into account that Captain America Legends Whirlwind is among the slowest venders in the Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure arrangement, you may expect “The Wrong” to be loaded up with objections about the figure. Be that as it may, well… I don’t generally have any.


For $20-$22, it would be decent if the Whirlwind Marvel Legends figure accompanied in excess of two modest saw cutting edges and a Red Skull BAF arm as embellishments, other than an immense “turning lower body impacts piece” (which would be unfeasible at this size and value point), I can’t think about a solitary significant frill that Hasbro could have included.

I’m certain somebody will peruse this and call attention to some nitpick that I ought to be evaluating here (and in case you’re that peruser, ensure you’re leaving a remark to tell me), yet I’m experiencing a mental blackout for feasible things to grumble about on this 6″ figure of this incredible character.

Generally: While the Captain America Marvel Legends Whirlwind figure isn’t the most eye-getting or glimmering toy in the arrangement, I’m unable to discover anything to grumble about with this discharge. The explanation, paint applications, quality control and chiseling are for the most part first class. An extremely cool turning impacts piece would have pushed Whirlwind into ‘A+’ region, however even without, this is an ideal portrayal of the character. In the event that you’ve at any point needed a Whirlwind activity figure, this one will never be topped.

Review: A

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