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  • Posted on: October 31, 2018
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I relatively dropped out of my seat when Hasbro uncovered the Captain America Marvel Legends Civil War wave and somebody inquired as to why Nick Fury was a white person. “You know you’re old when… “, right? Be that as it may, while white Nick Fury may not be the most unmistakable emphasis of the character any longer (to my surprise), the new Marvel Legends Nick Fury figure is still sought after and offering for well over MSRP. Be that as it may, should you need products of this figure to armed force construct… ? Gee…

The Right:

In spite of the fact that we just scored a refreshed 6″ Marvel Legends Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson figure in a Toys R Us restrictive Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. three-pack a year ago (which additionally accompanied executioner Agent Coulson and Maria Hill six inch figures), there are still a lot of fans out there who have been pining endlessly for another exemplary Nick Fury activity figure (and by great, I signify “from that time before Nick went loco and blew the Watcher’s).

Furthermore, what better place for a comic-based Nick Fury activity figure than the current year’s Marvel Legends Captain America lineup, isn’t that so?

Conventionally there may be a few protests about getting another great Marvel Legends 6″ Nick Fury figure when he’s been done pretty splendidly previously, however Hasbro has incorporated a component that I think has prevailed upon most potential pundits: two substitute heads for this figure!

Truth is stranger than fiction, Nick Fury accompanies not one, but rather two very surprising substitute heads.

The more stunning of the heads is undeniably that of Dirk Anger, Warren Ellis’ mocking essential adversary of Nextwave. This head looks emphatically unhinged, and I cherish it. The body here isn’t exactly ideal for Dirk, however the head is great and brimming with identity.

The more stunning of the heads is undeniably that of Dirk Anger, Warren Ellis’ humorous essential enemy of Nextwave. This head looks emphatically unhinged, and I cherish it. The body here isn’t exactly appropriate for Dirk, however the head is wonderful and loaded with identity.

The enunciation on the 2016 Marvel Legends Nick Fury figure is fantastic. While he just has an upper middle abdominal muscle crunch and not a swivel midsection also (Nuke and Black Panther have both), the enunciation conspire is generally truly entire: lower leg rockers, twofold jointed knees and elbows, swivel biceps/thighs/boots… the works.

(Refresh: It turns out Nick Fury has a swivel abdomen, however it’s confined by the belts on his midsection. What’s more, mine is by all accounts completely stuck, and as this is the modest plastic that can tear on the off chance that you apply excessively constrain, it’s going to remain stuck.)

ML Nick Fury’s head is particularly enunciated, with an extensive variety of-movement that lets him completely gaze upward, down, and all around. To the extent head and neck verbalization goes, this is probably the best we’ve found in the line this year.

Scratch’s essential shape is supplemented by a few holsters and belts, which are all well-done. There’s a dull wash on the white embellishments that make the points of interest pop, and the holster on his correct leg holds Nick’s sole gun– a pistol– safely.

The imprinted on SHIELD logos on every one of the make sense of’s shoulders additionally came unblemished, and are unquestionably a feature of the ensemble from a visual point of view.

Generally, this six inch activity figure looks excellent, regardless of whether it be as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Commando, Dirk Anger or the head of SHIELD himself.

The Wrong:

While the Marvel Legends 2016 Nick Fury figure is fantastic in structure, the genuine generation of the figure has a few issues that disappoint me.

By a long shot the greatest disturbance I have with this figure is that it’s made of the super shoddy inclination rubbery plastic that gatherers have come to hate. Scratch’s legs are absolutely freely goosey, and the majority of his appendages feel monstrously rubbery and flimsy.

Scratch’s default head was likewise significantly free appropriate out of the package– to such an extent that he’s very nearly a superior bobblehead than all my Marvel POP Vinyls!

What’s more, I thought the Nick Fury head shape was effectively the weakest of the three heads (sadly). Scratch not having the capacity to smoke his trademark stogie is certainly not a surmountable issue, yet the delicate looking, relatively energetic face shape ought to have been.

Scratch essentially doesn’t look old and grizzled as he should, and subsequently I very much want the all the more convincing SHIELD Commando and Dirk Anger heads.

Likewise, it’s somewhat of a head-scratcher that not exclusively does the Nick Fury Marvel Legends figure just get one modest gun, however it has zero paints applications on it.

With the different adornments and incredible paint deco on different figures in this variety, (for example, Nuke), it feels like Nick Fury got truly shafted in the weapons division, or, in other words since the Commando head certainly seems as though it could utilize a more great firearm than a unimportant gun.

In general: What I’d foreseen being the second-best figure in this Captain America Civil War Wave 2 set has swung out to really be one of the weakest. While I adore the Dirk Anger and SHIELD Commando sets out toward the Marvel Legends Nick Fury figure, I’m baffled in the resemblance of fundamental head. The rubbery plastic utilized for most of the figure, the free joints and unpainted weapon are additionally genuine disillusionments.

This figure has an extraordinary explanation plan and looks amazing, however the figure’s issues keep it from being one of Hasbro’s ideal. I’m ready for a couple a greater amount of these figures since I truly need a Dirk Anger and a couple SHIELD Commandos, yet I’m certainly not as excited about this 6″ Nick Fury figure as I’d foreseen being.

Review: B

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