Marvel Legends Magik and Thing Walgreens Exclusive Figures Released!

  • Posted on: October 1, 2018
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X-Men Marvel Legends gatherers got somewhat of a stun at San Diego Comic Con 2018 in July, where it was reported that the following subject for Walgreens Exclusives would be X-Men characters, beginning with a repaint of the in the past SDCC select Magik figure. Quick forward two months, and gatherers are getting another shocker: Magik is as of now transporting into stores now (and furthermore onto eBay)! What’s more, Illyana hasn’t landed in neighborhood Walgreens stores alone– the long late Marvel Legends Thing figure is additionally clobbering toy divisions across the country!

All things considered, this is a surprising advancement! After Walgreens online quickly had the new Fantastic Four Legends Thing figure accessible a week ago, gatherers were lurking here and there for Ben Grimm at their neighborhood stores. What’s more, undoubtedly, The Thing at long last is touching base at retail and finishing Marvel’s first family– but on the other hand he’s landing nearby an absolutely unforeseen unexpected arrival: X-Men Legends Magik!

After simply being reported very nearly two months back to the day at SDCC 2018, Illyana Rasputin’s first retail discharge ever by Hasbro is as of now hitting stores!

This figure is a repaint of the pined for SDCC 2015 Exclusive Book of Vishanti Magik figure, and was additionally the last character from that set that hadn’t returned at retail in some shape since. While a few people may incline toward the paint applications from the Book of Vishanti form, I think this Walgreens release more than compensates for any paint deco weaknesses by accompanying a huge amount of embellishments!

For the individuals who need to call around and use Magik’s UPC number to endeavor to track her down, the number is: 630509734818 (as should be obvious from the photograph of the UPC above).

As per reports from gatherers all over web-based social networking, Marvel Legends Thing and Magik figures are showing up wherever from California to Nevada to Georgia to Florida, so the two figures are formally hitting across the nation now and should start to rapidly hit all Walgreens stores across the country.

I don’t have the Thing Marvel Legends figure close by yet myself, yet here’s a few impressions of him from Alex Bales: “Goodness it’s a totally mind blowing figure. Extremely very much planned! I haven’t put him in plain view yet with the other 3 individuals from the group however when I do I’m certain it’ll look… uh… Fantastic! These Marvel Legends figures truly are 3D bits of workmanship.”

Enormous on account of Moses C., Trevor S., Alex Bales, Eddie Garcia and Victor Calzada who were sufficiently fortunate to discover these activity figures in stores today and gave me consent to run their photographs with this article! Much appreciated, folks!

The Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Thing and Magik figures are both start to hit ebay in sizable numbers this week, however I’d ask all gatherers to be patient and hold up to discover these figures at their nearby Walgreens stores. None of the Walgreens special features to-date have been uncommon at all over the long haul, and there’s no motivation to feel that Magik or Thing will be exemptions to that run the show. Take as much time as is needed and kindly don’t encourage the hawkers except if you totally can’t pause.

Have you seen Ben Grimm as well as Illyana Rasputin yet in your nearby stores, Marvel gatherers? Provided that this is true, what do you consider them? What’s more, if not– would you say you are going on the chase for these two, or would you say you are not intrigued in view of what you’ve seen of them in photographs?

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