Marvel Legends Enchantress Review (SDCC 2016)

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Wonder Legends San Diego Comic-Con restrictive sets are celebrated for presenting to us some off-the-divider characters that we’d probably never observe at mass retail, and I surmise that is exemplified by the subject of the present survey: Marvel Legends Dreadknight! While Dreadknight is really offering for shockingly modest on the secondary selling, he outperforms the Enchantress as my most loved figure in the con selective set for the current year.

The Right:

“Cracking DREADKNIGHT!!” Those were my words after observing the figures Hasbro chose for the SDCC Marvel Legends The Raft set– and a reasonable marker for my excitement for this specific figure.

While he may not be getting almost the promotion that the Marvel Legends Enchantress figure I looked into before in the week is, this is effortlessly the figure I’m most amped up for.

We’ve achieved the point where D-Listers are the new at no other time completed A-Listers in th Marvel Legends 6″ figures line, and I for one am excited with the profundity and broadness of character assortment that Hasbro is yearning for. Superb decision, Hasbro– distraught props.

Obviously, superb character determination would be unimportant if the Dreadknight figure itself sucked. Fortunately, that is the most remote thing from the case here. The Marvel Legends Dreadknight figure isn’t simply “good”– it’s extraordinary.

While the main piece of the activity figure itself that is in reality new is the head, the form decisions (principally from the Hobgoblin figure) look so spot-on that you’d think they were made particularly considering Dreadknight (which I truly question).

The finished “chainmail” covering on Dreadknight’s arms and legs are genuine features of the figure both chiseling astute and paint-wise. A sparkly, relatively metallic blue with a dull wash over it was decided for these appendages, and it looks superb.

The glossy blue of Dreadknight is pleasantly supplemented by the matte silver of his winged protective cap and the matte purple of the gloves, boots and tunic. The darker belt and cape being the entire figure together and make this crazy scalawag a genuine eye-pleaser.

On the verbalization front, seeing as how the Dreadknight is a character that Hasbro will just ever deliver one adaptation of, you’d trust that his enunciation plan would be solid. What’s more, it is strong– practically impeccable, truth be told!

Wonder Legends Dread Knight includes a ball-pivot neck, both an upper middle stomach muscle crunch and swivel midriff, twofold jointed elbows and knees, swivel boots, thighs and biceps, ball-jointed hips, ball-pivot shoulders and wrists, and pivoted lower legs with lower leg rockers. Essentially, the adaptability on this figure is preeminent!

As is frequently the situation with caped figures, I dreaded 6″ Dreadknight’s cape would constrain his poseability. In any case, surprise– the cape is short enough that it doesn’t hinder hunkering postures and light enough that it doesn’t make Dreadknight back-substantial! What’s more, I cherish having both midsection and upper middle enunciation.

The Dreadknight Marvel Legends figure accompanies two weapons, and both are extraordinary. The first is a medieval-looking sword that is not another shape, but rather looks sufficient in Dreadknight’s grasp that you wouldn’t fret. The sword slides cozily into the modest sheath on Dreadknight’s belt.

The other extra included here is a colossal spear that is longer than the figure itself is tall! The six-inch in addition to spear looks natural to me, however I can’t review regularly getting it with a Marvel Legends figure previously. Anybody recollect this piece from somewhere else?

The handle of the spear can be firmly gotten a handle on it is possible that one-gave or two-gave, and both the path and sword have a clever dark wash on them with the goal that they look worn and not sparkly and new.

Dreadknight’s cape fits firmly, however is removable in the event that you need to present him fight prepared without it, and it’s a pleasant visual option on the off chance that you need the chainmail to extremely pop.

The Wrong:

Typically, I can locate some quality-control issue on a Hasbro activity figure to nitpick, if nothing else, however it turns out for this situation that the majority of the joints are pleasant and tight and none of the paint applications are definitely not impeccable.

I’d jump at the chance to discover something about this Dreadknight Marvel Legends figure to whine about– in light of the fact that that is the means by which I roll– yet in this case, Hasbro has got me beat. I compliment you, men of honor.

Generally speaking: As I said prior, Dreadknight is the sort of character that Hasbro is just going to do once ever as a six-inch figure– and Hasbro completely made him proud. From the shape determination to the choice paint deco decisions to the sublime weapons and working sheath, everything about this Marvel Legends Dreadknight figure is flawlessness. This is the character I was most amped up for in the SDCC 2016 Exclusive The Raft set, and I’m not baffled in the smallest. Truth be told, I couldn’t be more inspired. Exceptionally suggested.

Review: A+

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