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The “official” discharge date of the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange motion picture arrangement is under seven days away, so how about we proceed with top to bottom audits of the figures in the arrangement. I started my surveys with the repainted Dormammu Build-A-Figure, however he’s not by any means the only character that is come back from the SDCC Book of Vishanti set! The Marvel Legends Brother Voodoo figure shows up in this wave also… would he say he merits purchasing once more?

The Right:

Raise your hand in the event that you at any point thought you’d see a Brother Voodoo activity figure mass discharged to chain stores everywhere throughout the world. Uh-huh… that is the thing that I thought.

Frantic props to Hasbro– it’s a genuine demonstration of the quality of the Marvel Legends mark they’ve constructed that they would now be able to discharge characters like Brother Voodoo at mass retail with certainty. Thumbs far up.

At the point when Hasbro discharged a Doctor Voodoo (Brother Voodoo) six inch figure as a major aspect of the 2015 Marvel Legends Book of Vishanti San Diego Comic-Con 2016 set, I figured they completed an almost perfect activity with no place for development. Be that as it may, after a year, the Brother Voodoo Marvel Legends figure has returned! What’s changed?

The most obvious– and best– change from the first form of this figure is the repainted head. Though the SDCC Brother Voodoo was brandishing the skull deco facepaint Brother Vodoo confront, that is not the more conspicuous or great search for Jericho Drumm.

In any case, never one to leave fans without alternatives, Hasbro has cured that by repainting the head. Presently this head shape looks perfect– it’s actually what I needed in any case (with the marvelous dreadlocks still flawless).

Another change that is really barefaced is the paint deco on the skulls on the Doctor Strange Legends Brother Voodoo figure’s belt. While the SDCC Book of Vishanti figure’s skulls had a flawless striped paint design on them, this time the skulls are painted like, well… skulls.

I won’t state that this more ordinary look is superior to the paint deco on the past iteration– that is a matter of taste– yet I do think the more typical skulls are perfect and less diverting to me.

Verbalization on ML Brother Voodoo is remarkable as common for Hasbro Marvel Legends. There’s not very many activity based represents that bode well to do with this character, mind you, however making them hurl his removable cape aside is a most loved of mine (alongside any variety of raising up his incredibly point by point Staff of Legba embellishment).

Here’s the full explanation rundown: ball-pivot neck, swivel midriff, upper-middle abdominal muscle crunch, ball-pivot shoulders and wrists, swivel biceps and thighs (in addition to boots), twofold jointed elbows and knees, ball-jointed hips and pivoted feet with lower leg rockers. Each real purpose of adaptability is available and represented.

The Wrong:

While I’m truly psyched about the repainted head, alternate changes for the mass-discharge rendition of Brother Voodoo have abandoned me… less energized.

For reasons unknown, the extraordinary looking bone jewelry that Doctor Voodoo quite often wears is missing from this activity figure, despite the fact that the Comic-Con form accompanied it. Unusual.

Moreover, Hasbro has given this Brother Voodoo figure an alternate cape that is a darker red and loaded with tatters– however missing the emblem that Voodoo uses to center his mysterious forces!

This is another tremendous rejection, and keeping in mind that I do like the fight worn cape (which would be extraordinary for an Age of Apocalypse Gambit), Doctor Voodoo looks somewhat bare without the emblem fastened to him. This is another enormous misfortune.

Likewise, as spectacular as the Staff of Legba looks, there’s two issues with it. In the first place, the blue shading this time out makes it harder to see the detail on the heavenly heads connected to the Staff contrasted with a year ago’s SDCC adaptation. It’s a minor grumbling, yet despite everything it doesn’t look very as slick.

Furthermore, Hasbro utilized the most despicable aspect of my existence– delicate, super-feeble plastic– for the joint in Brother Voodoo’s elbow and for his wrist. Therefore, it’s extremely dubious getting steady, powerful postures with Brother Vooodoo holding up the Staff of Legba.

Generally speaking: This repaint of a year ago’s SDCC Exclusive Brother Voodoo figure just conveys one positive new component to the table: a head shape not defaced by the skeleton tattoo deco everywhere throughout the face. In that regard, I’m extremely satisfied with this figure.

Yet, something else, this figure is an unmistakable minimization from the Book of Vishanti figure, without any bones neckband, a less-cool staff, frail plastic arm joints and a now-worn out cape that is missing Brother Voodoo’s famous emblem. I extremely like the recently painted head on this figure, yet generally the first form is unrivaled.

Review: C+

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