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Recently I commenced my Marvel Legends 2016 surveys with the Living Vampire, Morbius. Yet, while Morbius is the most established Spider-Man reprobate on that rundown, he’s not the most established scoundrel generally speaking. There’s another character who’s more seasoned and unmistakably famous– and he just so happens to be the main Build-A-Figure of the year! Morbius earned high stamps in his review– can the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure do likewise?

The Right:

Hasbro set the Build-A-Figure bar super-high a year ago with exceptional discharges, for example, the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man and Rhino figures, so Crusher Creel would need to climb a lofty slope to coordinate the general nature of those characters.

I don’t imagine this Absorbing Man BAF very gets to those statures, yet he certainly has some extremely positive characteristics.

irst off, how cool does the changed Absorbing Man head look?! I cherish the reciprocally cut head with rough left side and sparkling eye. It looks totally frightening, and is effortlessly one of my most loved heads we’ve seen on a Build-A-Figure.

Similarly as cool as the transformed head are the changed arms that Crusher accompanies. This figure has an aggregate of four compatible arms: ordinary and steel right arms, and wooden or stone left arms.

The chiseling point of interest on the changed arms is remarkable, and I sincerely can’t envision consistently trying to show the fairly plain non-changed arm when alternate decisions look quite a lot more superb and energizing.

I’m additionally exceptionally satisfied with the paintwork on this Build-A-Figure (with one noteworthy special case I’ll come to later on). The majority of the changed parts have a decent wash on them that draws out the points of interest, and I was astonished how clean the paint applications were on the dark stripes of Absorbing Man’s purple jeans.

The Wrong:

Scale clearly came up short now and again in the Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures arrangement because of the need of shared tooling, yet in some cases a figure’s scale looks incredibly off. Such is the situation with the Absorbing Man Marvel Legends BAF.

Carl Creel’s authentic tallness in the Marvel Universe is recorded as 6’4″, yet this figure resembles he’s effortlessly eight feet– or perhaps nine feet tall! He completely towers over 6″ Legends figures to the degree where it looks somewhat senseless.

Likewise, I was baffled to see that the Absorbing Man’s destroying ball– his mark weapon– arrived in a light dark plastic this time doesn’t look like metal or match his steel arm by any stretch of the imagination.

On the off chance that you have the destroying ball from the different Wrecking Crew figures you can swap it in and have the weapon look much better, however as that adaptation of the destroying ball is excluded in this wave, I won’t befuddle perusers by incorporating it in any of these survey photographs. It’s unquestionably frustrating to perceive how poor the destroying ball watches this time out, however, as its past arrivals had all looked fabulous and this cycle looks extremely plastic-y.

At long last, I’m slightly frustrated in the enunciation on this figure. I can manage the absence of twofold jointed elbows, however the lower leg enunciation is so seriously limited that it tends to be difficult to get this person into a cool posture. Lower leg rockers are available, however his enunciation is impeded by his shape and keeps them from working appropriately.

Also, Absorbing Man can just look forward, sideways and down– his head has no upwards scope of movement by any means.

Yet, pause, there’s one all the more thing…

The Ridiculous:

I gave the incompletely changed Absorbing Man head piece a store of acclaim, yet the non-changed Absorbing Man head is an outright auto wreck– by which, I mean it would seem that Crusher Creel’s head has been in a type of auto wreck.

For reasons unknown, the customary Absorbing Man BAF head has an entirely unexpected (and more Conehead-like) shape than the transformed head, and the terrible paintwork on the eyes makes him search for like Sloth from “The Goonies” than the Absorbing Man.

I’m happy that this Build-A-Figure accompanied two heads, on the grounds that after this audit I’ll never be dissolving him with this typical head.

Generally: An odd decision as a Spider-Man Legends Build-A-Figure regardless, the Absorbing Man BAF ends up being a simply normal figure. I feel that the transmorphed arms and head on this figure look super-cool when appended, however I’m baffled in the scale, destroying ball, presenting potential and unbelievable non-changed head.

I needed each figure in this wave paying little respect to the BAF pieces pressed in, so I wouldn’t fret having the Absorbing Man as a complimentary gift, yet generally he neglects to awe me past being a normal discharge.

Review: C

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