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2016 has scarcely arrived, however Hasbro is commencing the new year ideal: with the current year’s first flood of Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2016 figures officially accessible on the web and starting to appear in some retail locations! This is outstanding amongst other arrangement of Legends, as I would see it, so I’m anticipating inspecting each figure in the wave in due time. Yet, where to start? All things considered, what about with the most “great” Spider-Man scoundrel in the arrangement: Morbius! Is this the authoritative activity figure of The Living Vampire… ? Read on…

The Right:

There are sure reprobates in Spider-Man’s rebel’s display that I consider to be iconic to the point that I’m constantly shocked I find that one has never gotten a legitimate Marvel Legends 6 Inch activity figure. Morbius the Living Vampire is one of those characters.

Made by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in 1971, Morbius is the most renowned unique vampire character that Marvel has ever made (sad, Jubilee), and a semi scalawag who has stood the trial of time and repeated in the Spider-Man comic books for about 45 years now. So thumbs up to Hasbro for marking off a noteworthy miscreant whose discharge as a genuine Marvel Legends activity figure is long past due.

I cherish the head shape on this Michael Morbius figure. I’ve been feeling entirely exhausted with the standard shut mouth pictures we’ve been getting on most Hasbro Marvel Legends figures, yet this Morbius head shape is definitely not exhausting.

The mouth-open shape is vague enough that Morbius could be shouting out in retribution or desolation, be overwhelmed with a yearn for blood, terrifying a scoundrel into accommodation, having a contention about what sort of pizza to get, or huge amounts of different choices. It’s an extraordinary powerful articulation, and one of my top picks on ongoing Hasbro Marvel figures.

The paintwork on Morbius is straightforward, yet perfect and very much connected. At the point when a figure is overwhelmingly dark, there’s dependably worries about the potential for paint-seep to divert from the figure’s tasteful. Fortunately, that is not by any stretch of the imagination an issue here. Everything from the dark fingernails to the red eyes with dark circles around them has been painted unbelievably. Outwardly, this figure looks fantastic.

Morbius accompanies a great aggregate of four embellishments, and every one of them are great ones. Two of the frill are the transformed arms of the Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure, which happen to be the best piece of the Absorbing Man. In fact you could skip purchasing Morbius and still total the Marvel Legends Absorbing Man BAF, yet you’d truly be passing up a major opportunity by not owning the marvelous changed arms.

The other two additional items Morbius accompanies are two exchangeable variants of his cape. In the bundling, he accompanies the “spread” rendition of his cape where his arms are up and he’s giving his exemplary “Ooga Booga!” posture (or flying, I assume). I like having the capacity to put the Morbius Marvel Legends 2016 consider along with this posture, yet I’d be bothered if this was his solitary cape and he must be stuck like this for all time.

Fortunately, there’s a second “easygoing” cape included also! Like the other cape, this one is red on the front and dark on the back. It emphasizes the subtle elements of Morbius’ dark outfit well, and furthermore supplements his pointy red neckline.

On a sidenote, I can’t recall seeing this neckline before on a Hasbro activity figure. Could this bit of tooling be reused for the exemplary Iron Fist figure in the current year’s Marvel Legends Doctor Strange arrangement? Well…

To the extent enunciation goes, Morbius is totally brilliant. Each purpose of verbalization you’d ever need from an activity figure of the living vampire is available and represented: lower leg rockers for security, upper middle stomach muscle crunch and swivel midriff, twofold jointed knees and elbows, ball-pivot wrists, shoulders and hips, et cetera.

There is almost no that you should need to do with this assume you can’t achieve with the enunciation present. Indeed, accepting your figure remains unblemished, in any case. Which conveys me to my one issue with a generally flawless Hasbro activity figure…

The Wrong:

I have one issue with this Morbius Marvel Legends figure, however it’s a colossal one: quality control. The majority of the dark plastic utilized on this figure– including Morbius’ joints– feels amazingly modest and rubbery, which is a rehashing issue on certain 6″ Marvel Legends figures. Therefore, both of my Morbius’ legs are free and floppy, which was an issue when I was quickly taking photographs with him.

The reason I say that I was “quickly” taking photographs needs to do with my greatest issue with my 6″ Morbius: that his left bicep was all around floppy– it was essentially wobbling everywhere at the smallest touch or even simply blowing on it. I couldn’t get his left arm to remain set up for even a bunch of seconds for a portion of the photographs I was endeavoring to take, which made the pictures for this survey somewhat of a battle to assemble.

As I trifled with photographs and moved his arm, the problem– and Morbius’ arm– achieved the limit: the plastic of the arm tore fifty-fifty and the arm turned out to be for all time disjoined. Ouch. Add up to life expectancy of my figure being unblemished was around 5 minutes– not extraordinary for $20 activity figure.

I’m trusting this tearing plastic is a disengaged episode and not a far reaching issue that numerous authorities will have with ML Morbius, yet I’ve claimed enough Marvel Legends activity figures to realize that at any rate, most people will be loaded with the unstable, rubbery dark plastic on this figure, which makes it my one hamburger by and large in this audit.

Generally speaking: Not just is Morbius my first Marvel Legends survey of 2016, however notwithstanding his quality control issues he’d be my first “A+” audit of the year also. All things considered, this is an out and out fantastic activity figure of the universally adored Living Vampire… he just comes up around one arm shy of flawlessness. Ideally the quality worries with this figure aren’t boundless, in light of the fact that this figure is too exceptional to be in any way demolished by something like QC. While I speculate the dark plastic will in any event be rubbery for most people, however in any case, this is the authoritative Morbius figure. In the event that you ever need a Marvel Legends Morbius 6″ figure, this is the one to claim.

Review: A

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