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  • Posted on: October 30, 2018
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With the NYCC 2016 Hasbro Press Event occurring Wednesday night this week, we can expect some enormous Marvel toy news (ideally) to effortlessness us in no time! In any case, what better approach to rundown the time until the point that those huge uncovers than by investigating a character who doubtlessly should be one of the current year’s most-requested figures? Alright, approve, perhaps that is a touch of hyperbole– you can get the Marvel Legends Eel figure for underneath MSRP online at the present time. Also, yes– you totally should.

The Right:

I would have never– trusted it was conceivable, however Hasbro is entirely the middle of making the Serpent Society in six-inch figure frame. Consider that and be stunned, Marvel authorities. This is really the Golden Age of Marvel toys.

Presently, we should investigate the fourth Marvel Legends Serpent Society part: Marvel’s Eel!

Cutting straight to the chase, I didn’t think I required an activity figure of The Eel. Truth be told, I overlooked the character existed at all until the point that I saw him affirmed for this influx of Captain America Legends. In any case, he does exist– and what’s more, he’s excellent.

The Eel has a really convoluted ensemble, as it’s a blend of light blue and rugged purple lines, so I half anticipated that would see heaps of paint drain and uneven lines and mix ups in the paint applications for this figure.

Incredibly, however, the paint deco on this figure is sublime. Not exclusively are the paint applications executed splendidly, yet the blue and glossy purple paints Hasbro picked are accurate. Eel may not win any design challenges, but rather his paints are exceptional.

The enormous contrivance for this assume likely prompted Hasbro choosing him for discharge at all is that the Electro energized hands can be utilized here for simply their third time ever. While I extremely like the electric impacts piece hands on both 6″ Electro Legends figures, my most loved use for them is ideal here on Captain America Legends Eel.

The slope of translucent purple at the base of the hands to clear yellow on the power itself looks wonderful! The impact is path cooler than anything you’d hope to discover on a figure of a person named “The Eel”.

Furthermore, not at all like poor Electro that I checked on half a month back, Marvel’s Eel really gets a couple of non-fueled exchange clench hand submits case you don’t need him continually controlled up. After not getting impartial hands with Electro, I’m extremely satisfied to see Eel get them.

To wrap things up, how about we take a gander at Eel’s verbalization: ball-pivot neck with a head that can gaze way upward and down; ball-pivot shoulders and wrists; upper middle abdominal muscle crunch; swivel biceps, thighs, boots and midsection; twofold jointed knees and elbows; ball-jointed hips and pivot lower legs with lower leg rockers.

To put it plainly, the Eel Marvel Legends figure’s explanation is all that you would request. This is likely the main authority’s figure Eel will get from any organization, and Hasbro certainly made him proud.

The Wrong:

I know everybody anticipates perusing my nitpicking evaluates of the different Marvel Legends 6″ figures I survey consistently, yet after much consideration, on account of the Eel… I got nothing.

No, truly. When I state “The Wrong”, I ponder internally “What might I enhance about this toy?” But in this occurrence, I’m completely fulfilled.

I can’t think about any additional adornments that would bode well, the quality-control of the Eel Marvel Legends figure is first rate, the hues are on-target and the verbalization is brilliant. It’s an expression I never thought I’d hear myself say, however “The Eel is impeccable.” Bravo, Hasbro.

Generally: Superb explanation? Check. Phenomenal paint applications and deco? Check. Marvelous electrical impacts piece hands and substitute non-fueled hands? Check. Magnificent quality-control principles? Check. A few perusers are presumably going to battle me on this review, however I couldn’t care less: notwithstanding him turning into the enormous reprobate in the fifth Avengers motion picture, this is the best damn figure of Marvel’s Eel that will ever be discharged. In case you’re an Eel fan and you don’t purchase this Marvel Legends Eel figure seeking after a superior one, you’re thoroughly nuts.

Review: A+

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