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We’re back again today to take a gander at another figure in the Pokémon Figure Series by Kotobukiya. Last time, we looked at Lillie and Cosmog; this time, we’re taking a gander at Touko and Pokabu (better known in the West (and all through this survey) as Hilda and Tepig). Hilda is the female hero of Pokémon Black and White. She proceeds with the progressing arrangement of figures in light of the female heroes of the Pokémon arrangement.

While Black and White weren’t my most loved passages in the Pokémon establishment (that would be Heart Gold and Soul Silver), Hilda remains maybe my most loved player mentor configuration to date. The trim off shorts, the lively top, and her wavy hair are on the whole straightforward yet viable. As you can envision, I was eager to see one of my most loved coaches get a top notch figure.

Much like with Lillie, this figure viably catches the workmanship style of the Pokémon arrangement. The stone workers (Takahi, who etched Hilda, and Wataru Orita, who etched Tepig) have completed an extraordinary activity re-making Hitoshi Ariga’s idea outline. Hilda looks good to go, striking a genuine fight position (which has unmistakable similitudes to the fight position she takes in the diversion) with an engaged articulation. Tepig includes some powerful interest too, Flame Charging into the shred.

On early introductions, I think Hilda looks extraordinary – the general introduction is extremely engaging. While I’ve seen various fans disillusioned by the more unbending represent that Hilda is striking, I don’t worry about it – she looks decided and prepared for a battle. I’ll concede that some additional oomph could have taken her to another level, however. In any case, I immediately saw that my figure had various baffling quality control issues, especially in the paintwork. I’ll go into these in more detail later on.


For the time being however, we should talk boxes. Hilda’s bundling highlights an engaging outline theme in light of the Pokémon Black and White interface – especially the title screen from Pokémon White. The Pokéball pattern windows are a charming point of interest, and the nearness of the official delineation is constantly valued. The case is strong, and Hilda is held safely inside, so there’s no stresses there – she ought to arrive protected and sound.

Like Lillie, Hilda requires no gathering. She arrives pre-appended to her remain with a screw, making her extremely steady. Tepig is a different figure, enabling you to put it where you like on the stand. It would likewise give you a chance to blend and match Pokémon between figures, on the off chance that you like. The main get together included is that you’ll have to pop Tepig’s tail into put. Shockingly it tends to be a bit fiddly – it doesn’t connect to profound, so it’s anything but difficult to thump the tail pull out once more. I extremely like the stand – while Lillie’s was fundamental badly, Hilda’s stand has a tasteful dark and white Pokéball outline that compliments the figure generally.


As I said before, I figure the stone workers completed an awesome activity with this figure. While as yet copying the more shortsighted craftsmanship style of the first representation, Hilda isn’t missing for subtle elements. Her hair is thick and wavy, with her shaggy pig tail highlighting a considerable measure of definition. The wrinkles on her shirt and shorts make a considerable measure of visual enthusiasm also. These wrinkles shape around her body, getting light and making additional definition. Her legs are pleasantly formed as well, with a strained, propped look. Her arms have awesome shape too – they’re not simply bowed chambers, as you once in a while observe.

The easily overlooked details keep on inspiring – littler parts like Hilda’s C-Gear, for instance. Points of interest like pockets and creases in dress aren’t simply drawn on, yet utilize sharp lines that give them more profundity and make the figure feel more ‘genuine’. So also, there’s a particular lip where Hilda’s lower legs meet her socks and her wrists meet her wristbands. All things considered, a few subtle elements are crisper than others. For instance, the openings in her shorts and the zipper on her sack aren’t the most honed, but on the other hand they’re littler points of interest, so these things don’t stand out excessively.

There are some other little issues with the shape, yet the quality is high in general. There aren’t generally numerous creases to discuss, beside a remarkable one within her pig tail. While it’s been camouflaged great as a shape in her hair, you can in any case observe a joining line at the base. It’s more often than not outside of anyone’s ability to see, be that as it may, so it is anything but a major ordeal.

Tepig is all around etched as well. It’s a charming easily overlooked detail, enveloped by undulating flares. All things considered, it’s not immaculate – it’s entirely clear where Tepig’s ears join the body, for instance. As specified previously, Tepig’s tail gets thumped out of its attachment effortlessly – a more secure fit would have been decent. Inside and out however, this red hot little pig looks on a par with its coach – there’s very little more to state than that.


Toward the start of this audit, I specified that this figure has some quality issues. Putting these aside for the occasion, Hilda’s paint work is exceptionally engaging. There’s a decent scope of completions in plain view, utilized fittingly to give the impression of various materials and surfaces on the figure. Her pack, for instance, has a polished complete, while her hair has a more stifled sheen. Her shorts and top are very matte. The figure’s shading is successful too, especially on her hair and her shirt, where inconspicuous inclinations emphasize the shape and frame. Tepig’s paintwork in the mean time is straightforward, however accomplishes what it needs to. The majority of the hues are energetic and charming to take a gander at, and balance pleasantly to make a make sense of that flies among a group.

Be that as it may, this figure has some extremely awful QC issues in its paintwork which basically can’t be overlooked. There’s a wide range of schmutz stuck in the paint, with some conspicuous models flying up all through my photographs. Presumably the most noticeably awful – and most self-evident – is that she’s really stalled out under her left eye decal. It’s not clear under ordinary review conditions, but rather it appears in relatively every photograph of her face. There’s what resembles a hair adhered to her coat, and her shirt has unmistakable bumps in the paint, as well. You likewise may have seen that I’ve incorporated a great deal of back centered shots all through the survey. That is on account of there’s a substantial splodge of what resembles paste and paint on her thigh – it’s most effectively unmistakable from the back, however it spreads along the entire of her internal thigh to the front. It’s a monstrous wreckage, no doubt.

Beside those issues, there are more minor models of shading outside the lines. I praised the nature of the paintwork, however it’s not particularly flawless. This is to a great extent an issue with littler points of interest like catches, so you can overlook a considerable measure of it, yet they extremely made a wreck of her Pokéball – even initially, you can tell the dark paint is everywhere. These deformities are to a great extent little and could be disregarded without anyone else, at the end of the day indicate give the feeling that there was a level of consideration not taken here.


At last, Hilda and Tepig (or Touko and Pokabu, whichever you incline toward) are a blended pack. There’s a considerable measure that I extremely like about this figure, and keeping in mind that I can comprehend that a few people aren’t a fanatic of her less unique posture, I kinda like how decided and emotional she looks. It made for a decent photoshoot, if nothing else. The shape is of a high caliber, and the paintwork is entirely better than average. Be that as it may, the convergence of value issues truly ruins everything. Quite possibly’s these issues aren’t normal, and I may have recently gotten unfortunate, yet it’s as yet worth saying.

In any case, in case you’re a devoted enthusiast of Pokémon, especially Black and White, or on the off chance that you simply like Hilda a ton, you may in any case need to lift this figure up. There’s sufficient to like about it that you probably won’t be so irritated by the littler deformities. I would prescribe looking at other individuals’ photographs and surveys first however, just to ensure these aren’t normal imperfections. Despite my mistake, regardless i’m keen on observing what the Pokémon Figure Series brings to the table going advances. Allows simply trust that Kotobukiya’s future endeavors are more predictable.

To put it plainly, Touko and Pokabu are an alluring couple, with strong chiseling and great paintwork. Be that as it may, genuine quality control issues do the figure an overwhelming injury, and keep me from giving it a proposal without provisos. For no-nonsense aficionados of the character, this is as yet an engaging figure – simply be careful about the potential deformities your figure may touch base with.