Review of Slaughter’s Marauders G.I. Joe Action Figures (Big Bad Toy Store Exclusive)

  • Posted on: September 30, 2018
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Huge Bad Toy Store has two extremely cool – and extensive – G.I. Joe special features accessible at this moment. I’m investigating one of them this evening, called Slaughter’s Marauders. This set incorporates 7 figures, which I have all together in the photographs: Vincent “Bird of prey” Falcone, Gabriel “Grill” Kelly, Low-Light, Spirit Iron-Knife, David “Red Dog” Taputapu, Varujan “Bull” Ayvazyan, and Felix “Hired soldier” Stratton. I have the second set here also, yet I thought I’d give each set its due autonomously. The second set is called Dreadnoks, and I’ll be taking a gander at them soon.

These figures are done up in the great 80’s Joe style, with a lot of explanation and a decent arrangement of adornments. These single packs of seven figures run $50 at Big Bad Toy Store, or only $90 for the two sets joined. Not terrible, considering that makes each figure pretty much $7 each in the event that you purchase the sets exclusively, or under $6.50 each in the event that you purchase the two sets together!


While I made a go of the bundle, I wound up skipping it since I had such huge numbers of cool photographs of the figures themselves. It’s a really standard wide, level box with a major window so you can see each of the seven figures obviously. It’s additionally set apart with a major BBTS elite sticker, and there’s some personalization for each character. Actually, there’s a character card for each on the back that you can remove for your accumulation.

Even better, it’s pretty authority inviting. You may wind up cutting a bit of tape all over, and on the off chance that you expel the elastic groups grasping the extras, you may think that its extreme to hold them set up back in the bundle. Be that as it may, there are no twisties, groups or different limitations holding the figures themselves set up. On the other hand, once you scissor those character cards out of the back, it won’t have much effect.


I’m very inspired with the work we’ve been finding in the little scale Joe line the last couple years, and these sets are awesome models. Keep in mind, these figures are around 4″ tall.

The representations are on the whole solid without being outrageous, and there is a huge amount of little etched subtle elements on the ensembles and extras. There’s surfaces, wrinkles, catches, clasps, and a wide range of little additional items etched with sharp definition.

Is there re-use here from some past figures? That’s right, there beyond any doubt is, yet they figure out how to create some outwardly one of a kind figures in any case. The hands are intended to work with the extras, and they all do it well. Each one of the figures stands awesome all alone, yet there’s a little showcase stand included in the event that something goes wrong.


While a portion of the pieces are shaped in the shading, there’s additionally a lot of paint work, and in addition some tampo work.

The eyes are shockingly spotless and sharp, particularly considering the scale on these. The tattoos have all the earmarks of being tampo style work, and these are neatly connected. There could be more fine grained detail chip away at the paint side, since a large portion of the hues are really expansive in their inclusion, yet it’s a minor bandy.

The majority of the figures are beautiful, regardless of whether they have any camo or not. There’s even a wash utilized on Barbecue Kelly that resembles ash and fiery remains on his protection! Everything looks dynamite, and thinking about the scale, is very noteworthy.


I’m one of those individuals that has a noteworthy objection with standard Joe enunciation, which is continually going to baffle me and drop my score. On the off chance that you cherish the standard plan, you’ll adore these.

There’s the ball jointed neck, and it works really well on the majority of the figures. It works preferred on a couple over on some that are more limited by their outfits, however in general it’s a decent joint. There’s stick/circle style ball shoulders and elbows too, and they function admirably on the vast majority of the figures. The extensive biceps on Red Dog limit his elbows a bit, yet he’s extremely the just a single with the issue.

Every one of the figures have stick knees and stick lower legs also, and once more, these all work awesome. Every one of them additionally let loose chest joint, and some even have a cut abdomen.

So why the lower score? Since they all have the customary ball hips, with no kind of knee or thigh cut. The hips themselves are great (and they utilize the metal posts, making them for all intents and purposes indestructible), however with no kind of cut on the upper leg, the stances are enormously confined. This has constantly bothered me, and it would seem that it will keep on doing as such. Nonetheless, similar to I said – in case you’re content with the standard Joe enunciation, at that point you’ll be content with these.


Everyone accompanies a decent variety of additional items, some of which I didn’t figure out how to get into the photographs.

There’s handguns (some with silencers), knifes, rifles, fire hurlers – a lot of weapons. As I said, one of the handguns has a removable silencer, and there’s even a firearm with a rupture that tears open, and a site that flies here and there! That is entirely astounding for weapons in this scale.

Some have their very own exceptional interpretation of weaponry – Barbecue Kelly has his fire hurler, Spirit Iron-Knife has his enormous Bowie cutting edge, the Bull has two pistols, and Red Dog comes with…a football. He can even grasp it, on account of an opening in one side.

Alongside every one of the weapons, two or three the figures have removable head adapt. Falcone’s beret can fall off, and the snow goggles on Low-Light are likewise removable. Red Dog is wearing both a rope head band and a neckband that can be evacuated.

I as of now specified this before, however each figure accompanies a plastic Joe remain too, customized with their very own nameplate. You don’t need to utilize them to keep them standing, however they look truly great with the stands too.

Fun Factor

These were THE toys of the 80’s, and they’ve made an interpretation of awesome to another century. I probably won’t be a colossal little Joe fan (I experienced childhood with the 6th scale assortment, and never did the switch), however I can tell an astounding toy when I see it. With a lot of extras and enunciation, these are the ideal clash activity figure.