Naruto Shipudden Action Figure Review

Mattel has been playing it quite brilliant with the new toon demonstrates hitting in the course of the most recent a half year, particularly those propelled by Japanese activity. Including One Piece to The Last Avatar, Mattel has been catching up the rights for toys, and trying things out without going over the edge.

Some have been hits – you can’t discover Xaolin Showdown general measured figures anyplace. Others, similar to the previously mentioned One Piece, have been somewhat less stellar. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they don’t over deliver any one line in advance, they can check which will do well for a more drawn out pull, yet tie up every one of the shows right on time to abstain from missing the hits.

One of the most recent to hit pegs is Naruto. Naruto is a prominent anime appear (and manga comic) that as of late started general airing on Cartoon Network. It pursues the undertakings of a young man (Naruto) who is a ninja-in-preparing. He’s enthusiastic about tricks, has the soul of a nine followed fox fixed in his body, and is somewhat of a Bart. He has individual understudies, educators and different characters in the demonstrate that give a lot of contention, yet it’s for the most part happy.

The principal arrangement is hitting retailers now, and incorporates Naruto obviously, alongside Sasuke, Zabuza, and Haku. The customary figures retail for around $7 each, and there are select and extensive scale figures too.


Mattel went moderate this time around, with extremely essential illustrations and plans, and even less content. It’s beautiful, and the situation of the logo looks incredible, yet it’s nothing especially extraordinary or eye popping.


Making an interpretation of 2 dimensional kid’s shows into 3 dimensional the truth is regularly trickier than individuals figure it out. Except if those individuals are the stone carvers entrusted with doing it. Toon pictures frequently change scale, extent, and even outward presentation from edge to outline, making the activity all the harder.

Mattel’s work here is strong, with a genuinely suitable articulation, and about the perfect measure of detail for an enlivened property. There are some little contacts that add to the general quality, similar to the etched dark lines on his cheeks, and his outfit looks quite precise to a Naruto amateur like me.

Naruto remains around 5 inches tall, and keeping in mind that his extents aren’t especially sensible (with long arms and short legs), they do coordinate quite well with the source material. In any case, the squatness of his legs was a visual diversion, similar to his butt sack.

His butt pack is kind of a bottle formed sack put immovably to his left side cheek. It’s an independently etched piece, and emerges a significant courses from the body itself. Like the wart on the finish of a hefty person’s nose, you can’t not see it. It’s hypnotizing in it’s conspicuousness, and keeping in mind that he has one on the show, it would have been decent if Mattel had made this a removable adornment, as opposed to sticking it set up.


The paint operations go from extraordinary to fair, however figure out how to squeak out a little better than expected by and large.

The primary body parts are thrown in the orange plastic, however the littler subtle elements are altogether painted. The work on the face, eyes and teeth is the best case of better than expected work, with clean lines, yet even there they’ve slopped a portion of the white from his mouth onto his button.

A portion of the littler zones on the body aren’t exactly as great, with genuine slop around the feet, and the white seeping into the orange in a few spots. All things considered, when looking at this against different mass market figures, it’s effortlessly somewhat better than expected. There’s more detail work than you may expect thinking about the essential outline, and he’ll never get incidentally shot amid deer season, so he has that going for him.


Naruto has a straightforward neck joint that enables the make a beeline for abandon side to side, ball jointed shoulders, cut biceps, stick elbows, cut midriff, a T groin, and stick knees. He can stand and sit effortlessly, and the elbow, shoulder and knee joints all work incredible. It’s a little odd that neither the wrists (at the base of the sleeves) or lower legs (at the base of the jeans) are cut, however it is anything but a noteworthy issue.


He accompanies two Kunai blades, which take after astounding three headed lances. These things are made out of to a great degree delicate elastic, and are planned, in principle, to work with his activity include. They don’t. They are additionally practically useless as any sort of weapon, since they are floppier than Bob Dole without his solution.

Activity Feature

Most activity highlights are genuinely senseless. Consider this up another, in any event as promoted. Naruto has a spring stacked midriff, so that on the off chance that you turn him and let go, he snaps forward in a Kunai tossing movement. That is, whether you can put the Kunai in his grasp, and really inspire it to fly.

This is to a greater extent a punching activity, and functions admirably on the off chance that you consider it that way. Disregard the knifes, and simply let him toss a hard right. It probably won’t be exceptionally ninja-like, yet it takes care of business.

Fun Factor

Children will hurl the knifes out, and disregard the activity include, yet will at present mess around with this character. Hello, he’s a multi year old ninja – what could be more enjoyable? The scale will work with different lines that are 6″ or 7″ scale toon grown-ups, and continuously arrangement there will be an average combination of characters to browse.


At $7 each, these are hitting a similar value go as other Mattel lines, or Toybiz stuff like Marvel Legends. It is anything but an incredible esteem, yet it is practically present market cost. Better adornments would have truly helped here, and a portion of alternate characters have much better additional items.

Things to Watch Out For –

Very little. Keep in mind, it’s mass market paint operations, so you’ll need to be fussy there, however he’s an exceptionally solid toy, and should hold up to play to a great degree well.

Overall,I’m not a major Naruto fan, but rather this is strong work. They’ve caught the character quite well, in spite of the fact that my cerebrum still experiences considerable difficulties overlooking that gigantic butt pack. Indeed, the outfit is a tad Ghostbusters, a tad Devo (and extremely no Ninja), however you can’t blame the toy for the fundamental plan. The chiseling is incredible, however the unremarkable paint application shields him from rising excessively better than expected.

On the off chance that you know a child who is getting a charge out of the show, they’ll appreciate these figures. The quality is adequate for showcase for the more established fans, and sufficiently strong for play by the more youthful ones.

Where to Buy –

You’re best wagered is Toys R Us or Wal-bazaar now, and I’m wagering Target will have them soon also. Hope to pay around $7 each for the consistent figures.