MOTU Sorceress Action Figure Mini-Statue

So after the figure line for the ‘200x’ He-Man overhaul was dropped, NECA got the permit and discharged a progression of statues to round out the characters that hadn’t been created.

In any event that is the thing that I heard.

Regardless, there is a line of 6″ scale “smaller than expected statues,” and this is one of them. I extremely loved every one of the women of the 2002 arrangement, so I’m satisfied to add this piece to my racks.

Appearance and Construction

This is a wonderful piece. The shape is unfathomably point by point, and the paint and configuration looks awesome. The feathered creature looks incredible, the stand looks awesome, and has a fascinating plan. Her wings are immaculate, her skirt is dazzling, despite the fact that her left hand is somewhat little.

Why the conclusion? Since the arm of the stand which holds the Sorceress in a coasting position looks senseless from the side, and from the front view the tilt of her face is a modest piece low. It’s simply not exactly an ideal exchange off of shape versus work here.

Bundling and Accessories:

The Sorceress accompanies a staff, a different base piece, and her winged creature frame on a stump-like roost. The roost plugs onto the post on the construct, while the Sorceress adjusts in light of her connected stand.

This is a nice number of adornments for a statue, yet thin for a figure… I’m considering it a wash.

Play and Display

I realized what I was getting into here. She’s a statue. She has zero verbalization, except if you tally sliding her staff into position. What you see is the thing that you get. Joyfully, what you see is still really awesome. I would run with – 2 here, yet gave her a reward for being superbly in-scale with the Mattel MOTU figures. (See picture at the base of the page.)

Sticker price and Final Analysis

This is an extremely pleasant piece, yet it’s from a couple of years back now, and on the off chance that you can discover her for under $30, good luck with that. We made good on $30 in addition to regulatory obligation at a nearby comic and toy shop. It’s more than I’d get a kick out of the chance to spend on something this size, however not a sum impossible for something this decent. Other than it’s short of what I’d have spent making a custom rendition of this character.

Despite the fact that that is as yet not feasible..