Funko ReAction: The Dark Crystal: Landstrider and Jen

Today I’ll be taking a gander at a 2016 Comic Convention selective arrangement of toys. Care to take a think about where I got them?

On the off chance that you speculated San Diego, you’d not be right. As a matter of fact, you’d not be right in the event that you said Ebay, as well. Turns out, these are currently accessible at Toys R Us for $25, Convention Exclusive sticker what not.

We should begin with some foundation. Funko is fundamentally known for their “Pop” figures, a monstrous line of low-end vinyl figures from damn close to each permit possible. They’re very useful at their cost point, yet that is not a style that interests me everything that much.

All the more as of late, they began creating “Response” figures, a nostalgic return to 70’s and 80’s period Kenner figures. There are a considerable amount of these accessible for everything from The Flash to Alien and Gremlins.

Before going on, I ought to presumably make reference to that, all things considered, I sort of loathe this line. The figures are minute with amazingly shortsighted shapes. I’ve left them behind for $2 on freedom on the rationale that they’re minimal more than celebrated dollar store toys.

All things considered, there is a special case, and it’s the figure I’m taking a gander at today.

In fact, this is two figures: the Landstrider and Jen, from The Dark Crystal. Jen is entirely tantamount to different figures I’ve found in this line, which isn’t really an issue. While he’s not immaculate, he’s fine at this scale – the character should just be around three feet tall. His scale fits in truly well with the Skeksis figure NECA delivered around seven years prior.

Same goes for the Landstrider, or, in other words the motivation to purchase this set. It’s as yet a to some degree toyish looking guess of the motion picture animals, yet it comes considerably nearer than whatever else in this line does to its source. The face is dreadfully shortsighted, and the ears don’t look remotely right, however the finished arms look incredible. It passes on the feeling of the animal, regardless of whether it’s not screen precise, and that is adequate for me.

Truly, Jen is an adornment himself, however he has something little, too. He accompanies his little woodwind. It’s not much, yet it’s sufficiently decent, everything considered.

Enunciation on the Landstrider and Jen both is entirely moderate. The Strider has joints on the shoulders, hips, and neck – about what you’d anticipate from toys forty years back. Jen has a similar five joints. What’s more, in the event that it wasn’t self-evident, these are on the whole basic pins for the appendages and cuts for the neck.

There are a bunch of scratches on the Lanstrider where the paint’s chipped off. I don’t know whether this occurred in the manufacturing plant or while I was hauling it out of its bundling. It is anything but a tremendous arrangement, yet you can plainly observe these blemishes in the photographs.

Generally speaking, this wasn’t a horrendous arrangement at $25, yet it didn’t feel like a deal, either. All things considered, I’m glad to have another famous motion picture animal to compliment my Skeksis on the rack. In the event that NECA or another person ever gets The Dark Crystal permit again and produces an excellent variant, I’ll swap this out instantly. Be that as it may, meanwhile, this is superior to anything I at any point anticipated that would see out of the ReAction line.