Mister Miracle: Wings, Prayers and Mobius Chairs

In case you’re anything like me, your first response after completing MISTER MIRACLE #11 was “WHAT?!”

Most importantly, I know. I get it. I’m completely with you. Second, in the event that you haven’t completed the issue and have come here searching for spoilers, turn back. This is extremely an issue that has the right to be knowledgeable about open-minded perspectives continuously.

In light of a legitimate concern for protecting that experience for however many individuals as could be allowed, I will attempt and skirt around the enormous last uncover as much as I can. Be that as it may, think about this your official cautioning. Turn back now, get the issue, complete it, at that point meet me back here. Sound great?


All in all, we ought to likely discuss Metron, huh?

This isn’t really Metron’s first Mister Miracle appearance, yet he hasn’t been around in the book everything that much or that regularly. That is not bizarre f

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